Have you been wrongfully fired, or are afraid you might be? Get some Leverage.

Have you been fired or treated wrongfully at work? Do you have an employment law case? How much is your claim worth? Is it worth pursuing legal action? And how do you find out without paying expensive attorneys’ fees?
Our course will help you find answers to all your questions, and prepare you for the next steps in your journey to defend your career and well-being.

What’s in the Course?

Across our seven-step program, we’ll teach you everything you need to equip yourself before hiring an attorney to defend your employment matter.

Types of Evidence

From circumstantial evidence to witness testimony, we cover how different types of evidence bolster your case.

Winning Settlements

What monetary number are you going to need to settle your employment law case? We do the math and help you determine what your case is worth to you.

Severance Agreements

Understanding the language in a severance agreement is crucial to ensure you’re receiving a fair deal when departing from a job.

What is Legal Leverage?

Legal Leverage is an online video course designed to walk you through the first steps of employment law.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of employees face discrimination and harassment in their workplaces. But how do you know if you have a case when that happens? What is that case worth?

Legal Leverage covers all the basics that your first few hours with an attorney would cover, at a fraction of the cost. You’ll acquire the knowledge and perspective necessary to potentially solve your employment matter on your own, or be well-informed and ahead of the curve when the time comes to hire an attorney.

What You Get:

  • Exclusive Video Content

    Over two hours of exclusive video content, full of practical tips and advice from a seasoned employment attorney sporting decades of experience.

  • DIY Workbook

    The Legal Leverage DIY Workbook, which students can use to follow along with Tom and critically assess their employment situation.

  • Step-by-Step Guide

    Step-by-step breakdowns of everything you’ll need to know before filing a claim against your employer—information that clients often need to pay attorneys several hours for to obtain.

Ready to Learn Your Rights?